Bridge Connections

A discussion on innovation, construction and other thoughts related to the industry.

The Rapid Adoption of Accelerated Bridge Construction

Today, the Federal Highway Administration is pursuing the admirable initiative of Every Day Counts. According to the FHWA website, Every Day Counts is defined as “a state-based model to identify and rapidly deploy proven but underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability.” Part of the

Why Crawl When You Can Fly?

Innovation is not predictable and cannot be contrived. There can be circumstances that lend the opportunity for creative ideas, but at best, the evolution of a new idea appears to be somewhat random. Regardless, throughout history, nature has demonstrated that change is inevitable. Eckhart Tolle exemplifies this in his book A New Earth, where he observes:
“Most crawling reptilians, the