Railway Bridges


“Accelerated Bridge Construction is a must for railroads. Renewal of infrastructure is also a must for railroads. HCB provided the opportunity to replace an aging steel bridge span at a difficult location with minimum interruption to train operations and our customer’s needs. A review of costs and installation considerations concluded that the HCB provided the least cost solution for ballasted construction with minimum interruption to railway traffic on this important line. Furthermore, it is expected that inspection and maintenance efforts will be reduced, which should also reduce interruption to rail operations in future. The final outcome of our project was excellent. Completing work within pre-established track blocks is critical for maintaining the safe and reliable railway operations needed to serve our customers. The HCB span was able to be installed in even less time than anticipated, providing us with the ability to “give back the track” and resume train operations quickly and effectively. The HCB installation was a resounding success and was able to be cost-effectively installed by our own construction forces with minimum interruption to rail traffic.”